Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Raw Foods Day 3

Today is day three, I have to say overall I feel pretty good. Yesterday, I thought I was losing my will to live. Then I discovered Coconut Milk. It saved me. haha. I am missing warm foods though. I want so badly to make some pasta goodness and bread...or maybe just bread. Warm banana bread. mmmmm....I did resist the evil temptations of donuts today. Even though they smelled like heaven. And I keep looking forward to sushi this, I need a life. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Raw Food Day 1...oy

Well, I survived day 1. I feel a bit like a squirrel,but I do feel pretty good. Not tired or hungry, which is surprising. I am a fan of the fruit portion of this exercise, however the practical meal portion is alluding me. I tried to make raw spaghetti tonight. It wasn't horrible, but it was not the same. It was edible. That's all I can say. Tomorrow I will attempt to master THE POMEGRANATE...I guess I should clarify that for the next two weeks I will be living on a raw diet. That is, no processed foods or anything that requires heat over 115 degrees to make. It sounds easy, but you would be surprised. AND no soda, or caffeinated beverages. So wish me luck and I will blog about my progress or defeat. ha.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello Weekend...

As I write this I am 2.5 hours from freedom. I am dying to get out of this office...dying I say. I'm so excited for the weekend. My dear friend Stacey is getting married to her very own Prince Charming, Adam. I have known my little Stacey since she was 19 and I was 21. I know she will make an excellent wife/mother because she can laugh and cry with the best of us. I spent many nights thinking I was going to pee my pants while in her company. I wonder if she recalls bus-stop flashing and that awful Dr. Pepper incident. (The wall is still stained by the way). Anyway here's wishing you the best of luck in your marriage and many many wonderful years to come. Hurry up and make babies so I can visit them :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some of my best friends

Tonight I had coffee with an awesome dear friend. We will call her "D" we have one of those relationships where we can go years without talking and pick back up like we have never been separated. To me, those are the best kinds of friends. There is no acting, no pretending or fake bull-shit involved. She is a true friend and I can talk to her about anything. She is my coffee-confidant and my escape from reality. I can count the number of people who truly understand me on one hand and each of those people mean the world to me. I'm not sure why I'm getting so sentimental, but I feel honored and privileged to know each of you. Thank you so much for all the memories and lessons I have learned from you, because I really really have. And beyond the lessons, thank you for the laughs, because without them life would be rather grey. I love you all.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Super Top Secret x-mas Gift...

One of my favorite things to do is crochet... I officially learned 4 years ago and since that time, I've made a lot of really cool projects. This year I'm making a blanket. I love these colors the brown on tiffany blue...I'm a huge fan of that tiffany one lucky lady will be getting this for Christmas...(if I'm done)...

Good-Bye Old Skirt

Sunday night I cleaned out my closet, which was in fact very much needed. Among the clothing that I decided was time to get rid of was a wool lined skirt that I bought in 2002. I can't even tell you the last time I wore the stupid thing, but nonetheless I wasn't ready to part with it. But instead of letting it take up precious space, I decided to do something with it. I made it into pillows for my favorite ugly "painted" black wingback chair. The chair too has seen better days, but fear not, it will be recovered soon! Anyway the pillow project took about 30 minutes start to finish. I had originally decided to just make the pillows and stuff them with batting, but when I went to Joann's today, they had ready made pillows ready for stuffing BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!!! So, that's what I did, and I have to admit they are a lot better than I had thought they would turn out. I was so inspired by my sewing abilities that I decided to fix a zipper on a a skirt that I wore ONE time and broke. Well, I think I'll stick to pillows. I put the stupid zipper in backwards...whoops...apparently my sewing class is not paying off. :( 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Today I am an Architect

I have had this picture of my "dream house" in my mind for years. Since I'll probably never be able to afford a penthouse with roof-access loft, I might as well blog about it. ha. So we begin our tour in the foyer. High open ceilings in a muted grey tone with dark wood double doors as you enter the house. Above is a huge crystal chandelier. ( I love them and they are throughout the house) This one happens to be black.

To your right you will enter the bath....the walls are green apple and the counters are granite. The tub is dead center of the room and although it could fit 3, only one person gets to soak in here and that's me. There is no door to the bathroom. and the walls are made from frosted glass bricks giving it an open feel. This is the only room in the house where there are not parkay floors. The tile is large and dark brown.

To the left of the foyer is the master suite...I love that word. Like any royal bedroom its complete with a chandelier (traditional), separate seating section with tv, fireplace, walk-in closet the size of your current bedroom and a pop-up tv so you can watch CNN (or if you're like me x-m radio) from the convenience of you own bed. Color: burnt orange with white molding.

Here's where it gets exciting folks, the kitchen. Circular....yes. Wrap around bar...yes. Bay windows...yes its all there. The kitchen, family room/library are all the perfect shade of Tiffany blue. The appliances are cold and masculine and the wood is dark. I like dark wood and this is my dream house.

In the family room/library there is a modern sectional couch with curves and ottomans a fire place with a gigantic plasma over it and an aquarium to separate the library. The library has chaise lounges and club chairs to read/sleep and relax and entertain.

Up on the roof you will find a hot tub, small garden and grass. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Most people day dream about sex or power...I dream about furniture. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well while most of you get up and log onto CNN or Fox News or MSN...I go straight for what matters to me....the nie nie dialogs, Petit Elefant, and popshopology...Nie Nie keeps me grounded, Elefant keeps me in tune with my femininity and popshop gives me useless things to spend money on...or at least fantasize about spending money on. A wise friend told me that life is like a long road trip, so you might as well bring the magazines you enjoy with you. :)
Here are the links...check 'em out.

The Learning Curve

Smart as an owl...not so much. But I think I did learn an important lesson yesterday. I learned that no matter how long its been since I've seen friends or people I once knew, I still have an effect on their lives. They still talk about me lovingly and we laugh at old memories. I guess I'm not as insignificant as I think sometimes. :) Good times. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jobs and such...

So I have started looking for a new job. I feel like 9 years is enough and I greatly need a change. I really love the people I work with, but the job itself is starting to wear on me. I think I spend more time on strike then I do actually working...Case and point look at my inbox...And maybe when you decide that Tuesdays and Thursdays are meant for striking and not answering the phone all might be in need of a change. So Happy Early Retirement for me...I told Angela, my roomate, yesterday that I'm going to take my crocheting to the professional level...Wish me luck.

Not this kind of crocheter!!!!

**If that's not a poster for birth control I don't know what is.

Blogs Oh my....

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