Monday, October 19, 2009

Today I am an Architect

I have had this picture of my "dream house" in my mind for years. Since I'll probably never be able to afford a penthouse with roof-access loft, I might as well blog about it. ha. So we begin our tour in the foyer. High open ceilings in a muted grey tone with dark wood double doors as you enter the house. Above is a huge crystal chandelier. ( I love them and they are throughout the house) This one happens to be black.

To your right you will enter the bath....the walls are green apple and the counters are granite. The tub is dead center of the room and although it could fit 3, only one person gets to soak in here and that's me. There is no door to the bathroom. and the walls are made from frosted glass bricks giving it an open feel. This is the only room in the house where there are not parkay floors. The tile is large and dark brown.

To the left of the foyer is the master suite...I love that word. Like any royal bedroom its complete with a chandelier (traditional), separate seating section with tv, fireplace, walk-in closet the size of your current bedroom and a pop-up tv so you can watch CNN (or if you're like me x-m radio) from the convenience of you own bed. Color: burnt orange with white molding.

Here's where it gets exciting folks, the kitchen. Circular....yes. Wrap around bar...yes. Bay windows...yes its all there. The kitchen, family room/library are all the perfect shade of Tiffany blue. The appliances are cold and masculine and the wood is dark. I like dark wood and this is my dream house.

In the family room/library there is a modern sectional couch with curves and ottomans a fire place with a gigantic plasma over it and an aquarium to separate the library. The library has chaise lounges and club chairs to read/sleep and relax and entertain.

Up on the roof you will find a hot tub, small garden and grass. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Most people day dream about sex or power...I dream about furniture. :)


  1. Hey, there is nothing wrong with dreaming about furniture! lol