Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hump Day!!!

Hump Day Advice

Its everybody’s favorite day of the week. Wednesday…Hump Day…I got an email from a loyal reader that wanted me to discuss the fine art of flirting…so here you go!!!!

Flirting 101

There’s an easy way to remember how to flirt and flirt well ladies. I call it the “MECCA” effect. If you can remember MECCA, you’re golden.

M – is for Mysterious. Once you’ve done your business and flirted with that hot boy there’s no reason to seal the deal just yet. Leave him wanting a little more. It will drive them crazy. End the conversation or date just a tad bit sooner and he’ll be thinking of it for the rest of the night.

E- is for Eyes. Make sure you make some serious eye contact with your victim…er man slave…er person you’re flirting with. It can feel intense or even awkward at first, but he’ll know you’re into him when you don’t look away right away and sometimes getting caught looking it what starts the whole process.

C-is for Confidence. What’s that old saying? “FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT” so true. Even if you are unsure or unconfident of your looks or your sexiness, just pretend you aren’t and soon enough with lots of practice you won’t be. Men like a confident woman. But watch that you don’t over do it and become cocky…most men don’t want a woman who they think is going to be bossy, clingy or needy, so try to balance it out.

C- second “c” is for Communication. Even if its something stupid, try to make the effort to talk to the guy. Ask him for the time, directions or compliment his shoes. It doesn’t really matter how you start it, it just needs to happen.


A – is for Appearance. Try to make an effort to look your best everyday. You never know who you’re going to run into and besides feeling pretty will definitely boost that confidence level. Sometimes you have to feel sexy to look sexy.

**Hope that helps! J

And now on to the moment you’ve all been waiting for….the crème de la crème…

MFJ's Doucher of the Week

Panty Raid

So, Miss Dandridge emailed in a copy of some text messages that occurred between her and her part-time lover Leon the Ladies Man. What transpired was shocking and sad and a little creepy all at the same time. I think we should take up a collection and get this woman some new bloomers. See below loyal readers.

Leon: I tried your panties on the other day, cut off the circulation to my left nut…

Miss Dandridge: LMMFAO!!!!! I just spit water all over my bed.

LLM: lol I’m sorry J

MD: You’re a fucking mess, I have to use my inhaler now…

LLM: lol don’t get drowndeded….

MD: I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, Ur funny. I the mental image of you trying to wear my panties is just 2 much!!!!

LLM: I’m just goofy…I’m sorry you wet your bed J

MD: It’s a big ass bed. I’ll just roll my ass over to the other side

LLM: lol word…pimpin pimpi big bed J

MD: I was texting you 2 remind u about the random panties left in ur room so u wouldn’t have to explain 2 anybody.

LLM: lol oh, you think I forgot?

LLM: and I have no one to explain anything to…


MD: lol yeah and stuff like that doesn’t usually happen to me, so I don’t know the etiquette is

MD: in the event that you did, I wouldn’t want u 2 look like ass w/some other woman’s cottony goodness left behind.

LLM: I knew they were there. I sniff them e’rry night!!! Lol they are in good hands, you don’t have to worry. J

MD: shut up.

LLM: I’m playin’ I don’t sniff them

MD: you’re a mess

**and that was it…he fell off the face of the earth, panties in hand. I think he tried them on, stretched them out and is now too embarrassed to give them back….well I say give ‘em back you panty thief!!!!!!

Until next week, I bit you ado

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