Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Hump Day

Welcome to the new adventures of Romeo and that other Girl...
First Up...

Let's call our 2 players Cathy and Jake. Here's the background to the relationship. Cathy and Jake have been dating for a couple of months and although things are great and merry and the sex is spectacular, Jake keeps doing something that is driving Cathy a little batty...LYING. Oh, we have all been there and have even been the culprit at times. It seems as though Jake likes to partake a little too much at social gatherings and then he lies about it...Naughty Jake. Cathy has told him on a couple of occasions that this particular "partaking" upsets her and when he lies about it, it only makes Cathy feel worse. Cathy is unsure what to do, which is why she's come to the Mutha Flippin' Jules (MFJ hereafter). Well goes.
I have determined that he lies about his actions based on two reasons.
He has a serious problem that he's either in denial about or doesn't want you to know about. Though my gut is when people don't want you to know something they usually are a little better about hiding the behavior. if he has a problem chances are that no matter how many times you tell him it bothers you or hurts your feelings the "need for speed" as it were, is gong to trump your emotions every time. Try to be supportive in finding him some help.
**Okay, that was the worst case scenario.

He knows how you feel (because you have told him more than once). But continues to do it and lie about it because he's feeling controlled. Absent an actual addiction, do you really want to be with someone who would risk a good real relationship for something so trivial??? Could be a deal breaker.


Dear MFJ,
Why do women like to have their necks kissed and or bitten??

- Gerardo

Well, Big G, 3 words.
It feels good. We see it movies and read it in Romance Novels (or female porn). HA. So when it happens in real life we go coo-coo for it.

The Doucher of the Week Winner

This weeks story comes from the other side of the nation. Thanks to Jenny is PA for this one. When Jenny started dating Bill I wonder if she knew what a complete doucher he is.Shortly into the relationship, Jenny's period was late...uh-oh...She calls Bill to tell him the bad news but explains that she is sure its a false alarm (she had been mixing antibiotics with birth control, which as we never good). A couple of days later a money order shows up at her door from Bill asking her to "take care" of the problem. Bill then proceeds to drop off the face of the planet. Way to jump the gun, Bill. Jenny was in fact not PG, but decided it was in her best interest to keep the $200 from Douchy-McDouchenstein. He did call some months later to see if the "problem" had been taken care of. Jenny lied and told him she had taken care of it. I hope you bought yourself something nice, Jenny. Something to ease your pain and suffering. :) and that's why you Bill are the MFJ Doucher of the Week!!!!!

Congratulations you dirty rat.


  1. Well played Bill, well played!

    MFJ, Bill makes for a fine inaugural Doucher of the Week.

  2. Ha ha... I love this Wednesday blog Julie. I was highly entertained while reading it. Kudos!