Sunday, November 8, 2009

wow that was fast...

Its almost ten o'clock on Sunday night and I'm sitting here thinking, sheesh, where did the weekend go?? I didn't think I was all that busy, but I guess so. Friday night Tommy and I checked out First Friday in Phoenix...I hadn't been in a while and I was glad we went, even if it was a very condensed version of what the art walk used to be. There were a lot of really cool exhibits out (if you get a chance to see Jesse Pepper please do). And true to First Friday Tradition, I got a new pair of earrings. :) What can I say, I'm spoiled. Saturday night was my 10 year high school reunion, which I did not go to, but I got together with some old High School friends and we had our own little gathering. I'm not sad I missed the actual reunion, but it would have been funny to see where everyone is now. Maybe the 20 year reunion I'll go to...But I doubt it. This morning we had breakfast with Miss Ross, the hot mama diva, which is always a good time. I love her. And I'm going to steal her shirt. Its Max from Where the Wild Things Are....and its at Urban Outfitters...check it out. I found the cutest fabric for my wingback chair BTW and I took the measurements for the reupholstering project that is in the works...I also typed up my recipe to send to my favorite blogger, so keep your fingers crossed that she will find in her heart to post it!!! 
Also, thanks to everyone who was extra-special nice to me on what is usually a really hard day for me. I can't believe its been 9 years since my mom died, time really does fly. But, all in all it was a really good day...and the Saints remain 8-0...just in case you were wondering. 


  1. Julie if you want to take this Pro, turn this into a review of First Friday, and create another blog in remembrance of your mom, not that it isn't interesting what you did this weekend, but I am your friend, Jane Q public probably isn't going to want to return.

  2. John has got a fair point ... Your blog should be a place where someone can find a reliable (if subjective) source of information on a particular subject - such as Pheonix's First Friday or lives without mothers. Also, I'd like to see some of your poetry up here.

    Though, it's nice to know the Saints can still playing hardball.

  3. thanks guys...this blog will remain my private blog for friends/family/nosey public and the like...once I am content with a name for the "pro" blog I'll let you know :)